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InstallationFeatureUsage and Shortcode

The TubEntertain set-up is very simple and you don’t have to be a code guru to install and configure the plugin.

Currently, the Version 2.0 copy is on WordPress Repository (you should see that copy as a Window XP compare to Window 10) Now version 3.0 is out. If you are going to use the plugin on site other than WordPress site please [click here] to contact us via support request we will release a copy that suit your needs.
Otherwise, to install the plugin on WordPress site;

  • Download TubEntertain from [here]
  • Save the zip file on your local computer.
  • Go to word press admin panel on the left click Plugin > Add New > Add Plugins > Upload Plugin
  • Navigate to the tubentertain.zip on your computer > select > Open
  • Ones Uploading completed Click “Activate”.
  • On the left you will see the TubEntertain button that link to the Admin page and other drop-down that link to all settings , click that.
  • Follow further Instruction.

That is it, We are here to Entertain you stay tune !

  • Populate all your own uploaded YouTube video galleries in varoius format e.g mp4, flv, mpg, etc
  • Populate all your own uploaded YouTube video galleries on your website, within your application and FaceBook page .
  • Populate Multiple YouTube Channel video galleries
  • 60 seconds In-Video Advertisement . No Adblockage
  • Scroll to view on video played
  • Subscription button enable, that link to your YouTube page
  • Viewers Statistics
  • Populate your YouTube Live Stream on your site.
  • Enable site visitors to search and play YouTube video on your site
  • After clicking a thumbnail, videos can play.
  • Videos play perfectly on nearly every mobile device that supports HTML5 or Flash.
  • Automatically start the next video in a playlist gallery when playback ended.
  • Link and embed YouTube video in post
  • One full year of priority support.
  • No monthly or long term subscription
  • Free customization ! 365 days support, no charges.
  • Embed YouTube Live Stream
  • Autoplay alternative YouTube video when yourv YouTube Live Stream offline
  • Embed video keywords search results
  • Embed random playlist Ids
  • Enable video download
  • Monitor click events (coming soon)
  • Brand your own uploaded YouTube video, like they saved and served on your site.
  • Responsive interface tested prove.
  • Work smoothly on IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Effortlessly used in WordPress templates.
  • Tested and compatible up to WordPress Version 4.4+

Getting Started !
  • Ones you Upload or Download TubEntertain™ to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the [Plugins] menu in WordPress.
  • Go to the plugin admin
  • Caution ! You are responsible to make sure that valid datas are entered, otherwise your TubEntertain will not work as expected.
  • In the Configuration box, type in your YouTube Channel Id (Uxxxxxxxxxx) , Google Api Key and your Live Stream Vidoe Id (Find Out How To Get Api Key Here) and make sure your YouTube Data Api is set to on in the google API console panel.
  • There various usage possibilities using the WordPress shortcode.

  • To embed your livestream (copy the stream Id from youtube url), we recommend that you use the YouTube controls
    Do it like this [tubentertain livestream=”1″ controls=”1″]
    In the Tubentertain admin panel you must have set your alternatives, Tubentertain will play the alternative YouTube video if your YouTube live stream is offline
  • To embed on-demand player
    Do it like this [tubentertain ]
  • To embed a particular channel if you are having more than one channel
    Do it like this [tubentertain channel=”ChannelUniqueId” ]
  • To embed Single videos with player
    Do it like this [tubentertain vid=”ZF_K8D414-Y” ]
  • To embed two or more videos, comma separated video ids
    Do it like this [tubentertain vid=” ZF_K8D414-Y, sFHXWoawnt0, E2uOGOqIyC4 ” ]
  • To embed Playlist
    Do it like this [tubentertain pid=”PUYlI0FO2Wc5FtVz7bOB5R_Q” ]
  • To embed a Random playlist Ids (TubEntertain will randomly pick one of the playlist ID each time page loads):
    Do it like this [tubentertain randompid=”PLwVHTMHWBR6OqWykS3cO9AAS0W_KuNIJu, PUYlI0FO2Wc5FtVz7bOB5R_Q, PLwVHTMHWBR6Me3mTnRwudKOt1UDD0gNXC” ]
  • To embed YouTube Video Search Result
    Do it like this [tubentertain search=”Best Video On Youtube” ]
  • To embed YouTube Video in a post
    Do it like this [tubentertain vid=”thevideoid” ]
  • To embed HTML5 Video Do it like this, simply add the html5 video or audio url
    [tubentertain htmlmedia=”http://tubentertain.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/tubpromo.mp4″ ]
    Doing it hold on...
    There is an error! If video not playing try next video
    ChromeCast - Play on your TV... Cast video to your TV
    Adegoroye Owolabi00:00:00 - 00:00:00Feature-length family drama revealing the story of Damilola Taylor, who died on the streets of London in 2000, aged ten
    now playing ...
    Loading .... Hold on
    Loading Playlist...
  • Other attributes includes “loop” and “autoplay” by default they are set to “1” you can set them to “0”
    Do it like this [tubentertain loop=”0″ autoplay=”0″ ]

For further customisation, design and additional functionalities contact us In all communication please reference #TubEntertain.
Visit us at TubEntertain.Com

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