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TubPlay Something to be play (TubPlay). Tubplay is another beautiful application developed and designed by TubEntertain developer. The smart application let you sell your Digital Media such as podcast, audio and video.

ios sampl If you are having a live radio station, or Internet Tv , the application let you embed the live stream. User can search, preview, pay and download your digital media. If you are into iTunes affiliation program this is a perfect application for you. The application run on mobile and web, eliminate advert blockage, serve site visitors with your advert, and make more money.

Now that you got the idea try to search for your favorite song, video either by Genres or Artist name and get their latest digital media.

For example you can type in Artist name such as Micheal Jackson, Psquare , Olly or by Genres e.g. Classic music, Inspirational music, Gospel music, Hip Hop, Rap, or by song / movie title. For sermons and lectures type in Preacher or Lecturer name and so on or select the List Genres from drop-down button at the top and press on Genre of your choice.
Enjoy !

Warning ! Some of media might not play if your browser does not support type of file format, such as M4V.